Monday, December 28, 2009

Lonliness (inspired by sources)

Loneliness is blue like sadness.
It tastes like a sour lime with salt on it.
It smells like rotten food and causes madness.
For fun it likes to do nothing but bad things.
While almost everything makes it angry
Everything makes it sad,
But nothing makes it happy.

Loneliness is smaller than you and me,
But bigger than peoples' minds.
Happiness is its enemy,
But nothing can be its friend.
Loneliness keeps its happy feelings in a secret place.
Its favorite place is in peoples' minds.
But it hates to be anywhere else.
Making people feel bad is its greatest success.
Not cheering people up it is greatest failure.
Loneliness makes me feel as sad as a deserted island.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Come back soon

i know you are feeling the pain of love lost

your pain makes me broken down

it is not love which is lost

it is the time which we lost

so lets make our life avoiding the time past..

for u

I see your smile through my memories

It speaks about our love and moments we spent

your world is one i love to stay

i don't wanna have in my life any other way

The relationship i have with you

is what we have from the time began

i feel you are the only one i knew

and i propose you to make our future if we can..

I miss you

I dream of when we will meet next

To see your smile again

I know my heart will miss a beat

You're more than just a friend

I really should not feel this way

And though it may be wrong

I can't just do what others say

With so much feelings deep and strong

How can I change the way I feel

I need to kill my heart

Life without you isn't real

The pain is too great when we're apart

The love I have is so real

Such joy within my heart

These emotions I want to feel

Without pain when we are apart