Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The taste of success

Taste is something which people react to without knowledge. Taste is something unknown to you while you are cooking. Also it is unique. For ex:  You are having two dosas in your plate which is made from the same dough. But, each dosa tastes different. You cannot repeat the taste unless you are doing something robotic with sheer calculation. But repeating the same work throughout your life also is too boring. You always encounter new things in life. So with the new challenges you cannot repeat the way of dealing it. Likewise, you taste your success differently each time. In order to have this taste of success you need to concentrate on each checkpoint. You cannot jump in a hurry towards the goal. While missing the minute checkpoints you are actually missing the needful ingredients for the taste of success. To emphasise, while reaching the success you might be ignoring the people who are important, who would cherish your success and who would enjoy your success wholeheartedly. But, in a hurry to reach the goal you would have missed those small moments which would keep them wrapped with you to enjoy your big day. So concentrate on your each day's effort along with the people who are part of it and enjoy the outcome. Your success would definitely taste delicious.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Love and Lust: Shades of Life

Love and Lust: A blunder at 18, An emotion after 23, An understanding after 30 and a filler after 40. why would one call it as a blunder at 18? well, to answer to it I would say it's an immature decision made in order to hold on to a person for your life with a fear of having none to love you for the rest of your life. You are actually playing around with the inner you, not with the physical you. If you want to grow to be an ethical person, then you should go ahead with all consciences.
An emotion after 23? Yes, you tend to know the values of life at this age. you know what other person feels about you. what he means to you in life. You learn to appreciate each other and accept the flaws. Both of you know what is it the next 10 years down the line. What place you hold in others life. So your act of both maturity and immaturity are saved in the same basket. 
An Understanding after 30? Who knows what is tomorrow? you both are living for each other, saving for each other, spending for each other, in an understanding of a promise made of an older you. I do not want to emphasize on kids part. That is an auto mode of your living. but, for the two of you, you know what life was and what life will be all about next. 
Filler after 40? Uh oh, I am not telling you are already old. I am telling you have done enough for each other till now. Now, you want to do it or not, you will tend to do it. Your love is now a fixed deposit with a lump-sum amount.You are assured of the remaining days of your life. All this might sound boring but when you look back your journey would be definitely beautiful. 
I am not writing this to make people read and follow. Instead I am just saying my views and also if you liked this post and you have already lost the time to correct things. You still have time from this second. Still you can make it a wonderful bliss. 

Make confidence as your mother

Confidence, a very positive word for humans. It consists of mind and body.  For most people mind is the boss and for some heart is (like me). But nothing can rule you once you make yourself confident enough to be the boss of your mind and heart. So who is this you? Your mind? Your heart? Body? No, "you" are a soul. You just have a body. Respect the soul which is inside the body. It will surely make the body you are wearing happy. Why are you so hard on your body ? Why do you drink something which is tasteless and also which is unhealthy? It is your own body be nice to it. Nurture it soulfully. It will have its long term returns. Learn the meaning of mind, body and soul. You definitely don't need any session to learn it. You don't need anyone to teach you what you should do with it. You are your own and you have the ability to learn on your own. Relax, realize and act accordingly. You will be the gift to someone's life. Shine bright and be a light to atleast a couple of people like your parents and your husband/wife your life will be worth living.