Friday, May 27, 2016

"I" is Important

I am very important to me. well, I made this statement to make you know that YOU are important to you as well. You are born here to live as you. You are not born as someone else. If you are not treating yourself well, then who will treat you well? Who will know your worth? May be you can count on your fingers who love you and who really know your worth. Even though they know your worth, they will not know every inch of your thoughts.So, take good care of what you want to be and your beliefs. Your mind, body and soul are very fragile. They are forever like a just born baby. You need to carry them with utmost care. But this doesn't mean you should live just being you. That's again living in isolation which doesn't add any color to your life. Neither you are born to please someone and mix up your charm with of theirs, which doesn't look charming to you and mess up what is in you and what you deserve to be happy and pious. A person always wants you to live as per their expectation and there is nothing wrong in it. Because they have the rights to expect. But you are not responsible for what they expect. If that doesn't make your soul feel good then don't do it. You are human enough to know what is right and what is not. Make yourself realize that you are living this life for a very short period. who are your parents are with you for roughly 5K days if you count every minute you spent with them religiously without distractions. If you are someone who doesn't make much of a conversation then you can cut those days to around 4K days. you meet your friends and you might spend around 50 days with them if you count every second spent religiously. Similarly, you might spend another 1K days with your relatives. The rest of your life you are fighting for your living and you are doing that to carry the rest of the things which is part of your life. At this point you choose the situation and people who you think are right to spend time with. Everything you are doing is which makes you feel good. You should realize this and have a clear picture of what to do with life and where to put others expectations. If you remember an anecdote of a child in the class; who wiped 10 peoples name on the board in the order of their importance in its life then you will remember what is important at the end of the day. So stop pleasing people who do not try to understand your decision and the way of life you want to lead. Everything is an arrangement in this world. You met your spouse and it is an arrangement for you which is made to live certain situations and to realize the reason why you were put to such situation. You were born as someone and you realize you should go in a certain path, that situation gets created for you and it is an arrangement made for you to live the reason for which you were born. Understanding your worth and the reason makes your life a complete bliss. This makes you a human more than a living being. You are responsible for your own happiness and bliss, nobody will invite you and say "Please come, I'll make you happy". They may just say please join us in our happiness. but they are not sure whether you will be happy. So, "YOU" are very important! which is in turn. "I" am very Important.