Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Journey to be travelled alone.

We all are crazy about traveling and right from childhood we urge to go on picnics and enjoy. As we grow up we travel more seriously. It is the journey which remains as an experience and makes memories for life. Also with whom we are traveling adds to the beauty of it. There are some journeys which has to be made alone no matter what. This is where we are dealing with the serious issues of life. Sometimes we are confident that we don't need anybody and we can manage our lives and sometimes destiny says we will not have anybody to face this. Identifying the circumstances is where the key is hidden. If we sit back thinking that somebody will get the key for us, the key will be gone locking us forever. We should decide for ourselves and be the owner of our journey of life. Do not lock oneself and put the keys inside others pocket. This will yield us nothing but emptiness. If we have something to be done then let us do it right away. We are responsible for us. This is our journey of life. We are the sole traveler. Keep going positively. Cheers!