Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The taste of success

Taste is something which people react to without knowledge. Taste is something unknown to you while you are cooking. Also it is unique. For ex:  You are having two dosas in your plate which is made from the same dough. But, each dosa tastes different. You cannot repeat the taste unless you are doing something robotic with sheer calculation. But repeating the same work throughout your life also is too boring. You always encounter new things in life. So with the new challenges you cannot repeat the way of dealing it. Likewise, you taste your success differently each time. In order to have this taste of success you need to concentrate on each checkpoint. You cannot jump in a hurry towards the goal. While missing the minute checkpoints you are actually missing the needful ingredients for the taste of success. To emphasise, while reaching the success you might be ignoring the people who are important, who would cherish your success and who would enjoy your success wholeheartedly. But, in a hurry to reach the goal you would have missed those small moments which would keep them wrapped with you to enjoy your big day. So concentrate on your each day's effort along with the people who are part of it and enjoy the outcome. Your success would definitely taste delicious.