Monday, November 17, 2014

Make confidence as your mother

Confidence, a very positive word for humans. It consists of mind and body.  For most people mind is the boss and for some heart is (like me). But nothing can rule you once you make yourself confident enough to be the boss of your mind and heart. So who is this you? Your mind? Your heart? Body? No, "you" are a soul. You just have a body. Respect the soul which is inside the body. It will surely make the body you are wearing happy. Why are you so hard on your body ? Why do you drink something which is tasteless and also which is unhealthy? It is your own body be nice to it. Nurture it soulfully. It will have its long term returns. Learn the meaning of mind, body and soul. You definitely don't need any session to learn it. You don't need anyone to teach you what you should do with it. You are your own and you have the ability to learn on your own. Relax, realize and act accordingly. You will be the gift to someone's life. Shine bright and be a light to atleast a couple of people like your parents and your husband/wife your life will be worth living. 

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